Business Performance Brokers - Newstrade Sydney | NLM131 Newcastle Lake Macquarie
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NLM131 Newcastle Lake Macquarie

Featured Newsagencies, Newcastle Lake Macquarie
About This Project

Wallsend Newsagency Nelson Street is located in the centre of a strip shopping Town environment. It has two extra large Pharmacies, one either side of it thus creating the biggest foot traffic flow. It boasts on the front window that it is “The luckiest Lottery Outlet in NSW” .Quite the opposite of being a self -centred boast for it’s well deserved name comes from the Sydney Daily Telegraph’s feature story as the outlet sold not one, not two but three number one jackpots in the same year.  They were Monday, Wednesday and Friday Jackpot Lotto prizes of $1m in April  $1,010,000 in September and $1,414,739 in November.

The result is a very happy pair of newsagency shop owners and customers patronising the store constantly during the day the chatting and challenging the “big one” to happen here soon $120m. The word is “we’ll do it again and once we get one we’ll get three for luck comes in threes. Did last time, we’ll do it again. Who knows.” In the meanwhile Lotto is paramount and has been growing year on year. It’s such a wonderful start, see the financials for how much the Lott provides.

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