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“HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN” at Werris Creek Pharmacy

“HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN” at Werris Creek Pharmacy

Werris Creek Pharmacy is a small NSW Country town some 35 minutes south west of Tamworth NSW. The population is diminishing and has reduced from 1,700 a few years ago to approximately 1,400 at present.

We are told that the elders are passing away whilst the school leavers are chasing their own rainbow of further education, careers or work elsewhere.

This hasn’t stopped Werris Creek Pharmacy creating one of the most exciting and functional businesses we have visited.

Werris Creek Pharmacy, exercising their mission statement “For Personal, Professional Service” has created three other major Departmental offers besides the Pharmacy.

Pharmacy: Prescriptions, natural health-vitamins, skin care, first aid and medicines (non- prescription based). There is also a special setting for personal attention to make up and beauty requirements.

Other Departments are: The Little Red Caboose, Coffee Corner, Gifts… and more than you would expect- A Gelato Factory.

The Little Red Caboose features a Steam Train as its logo, a very fitting one, as Werris Creek has a Railway Museum that is a major attraction for the Town. The Little Red Caboose displays children’s books, puzzles, fun and educational toys in rather a large space – at least enough space for children to sit around for a reading session as well when organised. 

Coffee Corner: Serves a range of cakes and light meals in a real Café atmosphere- Bus loads of people come to visit from Tamworth and other outlying areas for that “special atmosphere” and a good look or a purchase of the fashion, gifts or accessories that are displayed so well.

Leaving my favourite for last is the Gelato Factory:  Gelato is made on the premises and sold in the store as well as wholesaled to other outlets in Tamworth, Quirindi and other stores and even some restaurants that “on sell” it as a treat or a sweet, depending on the outlet.

They even have special names for each Gelato flavour such as Lychee, Salted Caramel, Butterscotch & Walnut, Peanut Butter and Choc Cookie, Choc Banana Caramel, Apricot yoghurt, Plum Sorbet. Oh! I could go on and on but this is making me want to be there now, especially as it is 3.54 p.m. and that is Happy Hour.  Yes, you get it – Happy Days are here Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday –These “Days are h’ ours goes the song”

Mum picks up the children takes them home to change then comes back for an everyday school day “Happy Hour”. These Days are Ours” at discounted prices. From 3.30 -4.30 p.m.  Mon to Fri HOW GOOD IS THAT! Oh! To be a kid again. Of course, Mum’s are not stupid, treats must be earned, making performance proven which makes Thursdays and Fridays the best reward days.  All of this is regularly commented in different forms of Social Media, Facebook, local Press and best of all word of mouth. Hen there is the Birthdays where nearly everybody shares a ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Gelato treat. 

The pharmacy, managed enthusiastically with 3-5 well trained staff, making Werris Creek great by giving customers the performance of ‘Personal, Professional Service”. This combination of the right offer, right staff, best performance, results in doing an excellent job for the community of Werris Creek. People are now wanting to move here instead of leaving, if the Real Estate latest statistics are any guide.  They state that Werris Creek is in the top 10% in NSW when comparing median capital growth of 48.59% over the past year.

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