At Business Performance Advisory, we are the Specialist Newsagency Brokers in sales with Business Performance Brokers (BPB) catering for all newsagencies within NSW. We are well known for our service including pre – listing visits to our NSW, City and Country future clients. Business Performance Analysis (BPA) assists you to make more profits with better knowledge and management tools.


BPBrokers are specialist newsagency brokers in NSW. Previously operated as Newstrade Business Matters we are and have been the leading brokers in Sales and/or Advisory Services to the newsagency industry for over 20 years.

When buying or selling a newsagency you want to be sure the deal is one that suits you. When you work with our exceptional team you receive services that carefully examine the market then tailors a plan that best suits you.

In short our business objectives can be summed up as:

  • Representing the Vendor by producing an informed, transparent Business Profile that demonstrates the performance of the business and its further potential.
  • Introducing a suitable purchaser.
  • Bringing together a satisfactory result for both the vendor and the purchaser in the current marketplace.
  • Assisting both parties through the total sales process.


BPA has increasingly been in demand as consultancy to many newsagents, shopping centre managements and financial institutions assisting in achieving better performance for the business including rent reductions by providing a workable practicable and efficient business model for newsagencies.

If you’re an existing newsagent or a purchaser just wanting to be sure of your purchase rest assured that BPA provides accurate and exceptional analysis services for all your needs. We even assist starters with a BPA Biz Pac to help in settling in and/or as a help to expand an existing business.

In addition, we also offer useful business resources and advice:

  • Cash flow profit projections with realistic overheads.
  • Product mix advice, where to source it and how to display it (merchandising).
  • How to improve sales and profit within the allocated space – effectively transitioning your business.
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of your retail performance on a monthly or prescribed basis.
  • Day to day operational templates to suit

Our Team

Our team has Management, Retail, and job placement skills. We help you choose the business that suits you as well as help you run and improve the business with great management packages.

Graeme Day

Graeme’s background is Banking, Business Accounting and Retailing. He has been in the Newsagency Industry most of his adult life owning many newsagencies as well as holding senior Administrative positions within the industry. Graeme is committed to transitioning old model newsagencies, where applicable, into new business models involving widespread, local community, consumer participation.

Jacqueline Rossiter

Jacqueline’s background is teaching and training. She worked for many years at the Adult Migrant English Service (A.M.E.S.) teaching English to migrants and placing job seekers in suitable positions. She enjoys connecting with people and working with them to find a successful outcome.


Contact us for information on preparing your business for sale or taking advantage of our new BPA Biz Pac.